where to put CSS and JS files

Christopher Aillon caillon at returnzero.com
Wed Oct 30 18:04:46 UTC 2002

Gervase Markham wrote:

> The day Bugzilla starts using VBScript is the day I stop working on it :-)

If Mozilla supports it, will you stop using it as a browser?  Because it 
very likely will someday....  Also note that VBScript itself is not 
evil.  It is the fact that IE's implementation blindly executes anything 
and everything.  They have had just as serious security bugs with 
executing JS, but nobody complains about JS being evil....

> And as I said in the relevant bug, when everyone's browser supports 
> XSLT, in about seven years,

Web usage history has shown that everyone's browser will never support 
this.  There will be new browser projects that are in early development 
and don't support it, or people will be using legacy software that 
hasn't yet supported it.

That said, 90-something percent of browsers out there support it. 
 Today.  Microsoft IE has had XSLT support for longer than Mozilla has 
IIRC.  And Mozilla has had it for quite a while....

Also, you are forgetting that we support templates.  Just because you in 
particular never want to see VBScript support does not mean that 
tomorrow, some MS guy will download Bugzilla to deploy it, but be 
required by MS law to use some VBScript fu.  Or that some W3C member 
will want to use it to track bugs in their XSLT test suite, and they 
want to use XSLT.  Anyway, I just used VBScript and XSLT as examples. 
 There are other scripting and style languages, though VBScript and XSLT 
are the most prevalent alternatives on the web, both which happen to be 
supported on over 90% of browsers that people are using Today.

> we can probably cope with creating another top-level directory.
> Another point is that we already have a css directory, and removing 
> them from CVS is a hassle, and it'll be confusing if people see it 
> there and it's empty. Pragmatic, but true. 

It's a hassle yes.  But it's not impossible.  It will not only be 
confusing to users but show poor judgement on the developer who leaves a 
needless empty directory without removing it.  It's not like we cvs 
remove directories every day....  surely we can do it just once...

Also, I see a count of 4 people who appear to be in favor of styles/ and 
scripts/ and only 2 who are in favor of leaving css/ and js/.  Why are 
we jumping so quickly to create js/ (judging from the bug)?

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