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Matthew P. Barnson mbarnson at sisna.com
Fri Oct 25 21:29:25 UTC 2002

The Bugzilla Guide is updated at tldp.org, will be hitting the main site
shortly and the mirrors over the next couple of days.  BTW, the most
recent version there was for 2.14, not 2.12; it's about 14 months old
(August 2001).

We should probably incorporate the following procedure into our release
procedure, so tldp.org can be kept up-to-date (and subsequently keep the
distribution creators up-to-date as well):
* tar/gzip "mozilla/bugzilla/docs/sgml" directory.
* mail to submit at en.tldp.org , including instructions on extraction,
file locations, and which file to compile to create the master document
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