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J. Paul Reed preed at
Fri Oct 25 14:58:35 UTC 2002

On Fri, 25 Oct 2002, Christian Reis wrote:

> - author (pity I can't get email, right? or can I..)

Well, the author of the patch is *typically* the person checking it in,
although not always (if people don't have checkin privs yet, or someone
else takes over the patch to drive the checkin).

You could make it known throughout the bmo (and other installations that
wanted to use this feature) community that if you want this feature to
work, and you didn't write the patch, you have to mark it up like
author=email_address or patch=email_address.

I've seen both.

Although it's not 100% necessary within Bugzilla, it would be nice to know
a couple of other things:

-- Under which approval the patch was checked in, if that's necessary
-- Which attachment ID was checked in

I don't know how you'd do the latter.

The former could be accomplished easily with a hash of regexs -> strings,

'p=($email_address_regex)' => 'Patch author: $1',
'sr=$email_address_regex)' => "Senior review: $1',

This would also allow some level of customization for other sites using
other systems to track patches (one project I work on uses
patch=address/r=address (since there's only one r= needed).

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