David Miller justdave at
Thu Oct 24 07:59:50 UTC 2002

On 10/24/02 4:27 PM +0930, MattyT wrote:

> Many freed software projects have a single mind who ultimately controls
> what goes in and what doesn't - Linux for example.  We don't have this,
> Dave probably does not have the time to design review all patches.  But
> it's still important that we have vision and don't let Bugzilla become
> any more crazy and unorthogonal than it already is in some places.

Actually, I probably do have time for that now...  seeing as my paid
day-job is actually Bugzilla now.  :)

How about if we require check-in approval now.  That won't count as a
review, because I have enough development stuff I have to worry about with
my own patches I'm working on to spend major time reviewing things, but as
a "yes, this feature has been approved for adding to Bugzilla".  With the
loss of a second-review in most cases, this is probably a good idea.

I also like the idea of posting the idea here to get feedback from people
before it gets checked in.

If there aren't major objections to the above, I'll file a bug on b.m.o in
the next day or two to get a "has-approval" flag added for the Bugzilla
product, and we'll proceed that way.
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