Target Date - Bug 103636

Gervase Markham gerv at
Wed Oct 23 17:40:01 UTC 2002

Jeff Hedlund wrote:

> Reasons I believe it should not be a custom field:
>     Integrated into the importance sort
>     Handling of the "emtpy" date
>     Gut feeling :)
> The way I handled the empty date is by putting the value 9999-12-31. The
> reason I am using that is for better sorting (so that bugs with dates
> will be sorted higher than those without).  But in order for that to
> look right, I filter out any date with 9999 so the user sees an empty
> date and not this funky 9999-12-31 date.

Custom fields should be able to define how to sort them, so that won't 
be an issue. And yes, we should enable admins to define the different 
types of sort you can have on a bug.

But both of the above are extra candy, and could be implemented as local 
changes anyway (neither is large) even if we don't have a customisation 
mechanism. Adding more hard-coded fields to Bugzilla takes us precisely 
in the opposite direction to the one we want to go in.


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