Target Date - Bug 103636

Jeff Hedlund jeff.hedlund at
Mon Oct 21 16:27:07 UTC 2002

Some comments on bug 103636 
( state that custom 
fields should take care of this feature.

I still disagree due to the more integrated nature of the target_date 
field, and so I would like to hash it out on the developers mailing list.

Reasons I believe it should not be a custom field:

	Integrated into the importance sort
	Handling of the "emtpy" date
	Gut feeling :)

The way I handled the empty date is by putting the value 9999-12-31. 
The reason I am using that is for better sorting (so that bugs with 
dates will be sorted higher than those without).  But in order for that 
to look right, I filter out any date with 9999 so the user sees an empty 
date and not this funky 9999-12-31 date.



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