Bugzilla as CMF product?

Matthew P. Barnson mbarnson at sisna.com
Wed Oct 23 16:22:56 UTC 2002

On Wed, 2002-10-23 at 08:26, Christian Reis wrote:
> Nope, nothing has been done in this area before. Me and Johan here at
> the office often toy with the idea of porting Bugzilla to Python and
> making it easier to code for us, but we are never very serious about it

  I'm finding that I need good bug-tracking, but that I'd prefer it work
under Zope/CMF.  My personal feel after reviewing Bugzilla again this
morning (I've spent the last year that I haven't worked on Bugzilla docs
working on various personal programming and admin things) is that any
"port" to Zope-CMF/Python would be a look-and-feel "port" only.  Under
the hood, the whole framework is so different as to boggle the mind. 
The only things that I think could be lifted wholesale and ported to
Python would be perhaps aspects of the email handling, page formatting,
and (perhaps) search algorithms.  Even those, though, could largely be
abstracted out into stock Zope modules.  A Bugzilla port to Zope/CMF
would not be Bugzilla at all...

  If anybody's interested in helping out, just let me know :)  In the
meantime, I'll see what I can come up with.  DTML is pretty much right
out, but DCWorkflow seems like it could handle workflow/state changes
for BZ pretty well, and at the heart of it, Bugzilla is just a state

  "Just".  Heh, Heh.

  I'm trying to figure out what to call it, though I hate it when I'm
long on talk and short on code.  Ideas welcome... "CMFBugzilla" seems a
logical name, but some folks might object...

--Matt Barnson

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