Bugzilla as CMF product?

Christian Reis kiko at async.com.br
Wed Oct 23 14:26:20 UTC 2002

On Tue, Oct 22, 2002 at 10:16:25PM -0600, Matthew P. Barnson wrote:
> I've been playing the Zope Content Management Framework world for the
> last couple of weeks, building a documentation database and integrated
> paperless workflow stuff for my company.  Unfortunately, the "Collector"
> product for CMF, as it stands for bug-tracking, is kind of a running
> joke.

Yep, even Python uses the (gasp) sf.net bugtracker.

> Considering that, last I recall, Mozilla.org was planned to move to a
> Zope/CMF-based infrastructure at some point in the future
> (documentation, web site, etc., plans could have changed since I've been
> out of the loop so long), has anybody considered creating a Zope port of

It's been going sloooow. There is a test site up on mozdev, and Gerv is
involved with it, but so far not a lot of progress has been done. As far
as I can see it (and I'm not too informed) there seems to have been a
lot of focus on "skinning", when the real problems (site organization,
content management, etc) have been sort of sidetracked. Am I mistaken,

> Bugzilla?  Zope can run Perl and Python code natively as products,
> though they need to be "Zopeified" to work right.  If I get no response,
> I'll simply assume nobody has done work in that area before, and I'll
> see what I can crank out.  The idea of an integrated workflow management
> tool, and a bug-tracking system that respects that workflow and
> inherited user rights with a database-agnostic back-end, is very
> appealing...

Nope, nothing has been done in this area before. Me and Johan here at
the office often toy with the idea of porting Bugzilla to Python and
making it easier to code for us, but we are never very serious about it

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