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Jeff Hedlund jeff.hedlund at matrixsi.com
Thu Oct 17 13:43:51 UTC 2002

Gervase Markham wrote:
>> It still is a multiple step process, though.  
> Any sufficiently-complicated change is going to be a multiple-step 
> process, within the limits of an HTML GUI which isn't ridiculously 
> crowded. For example, adding an attachment requires going to a separate 
> screen. We should be aiming to have the most-used features accessible 
> easily, and lesser-used features can require more clicks.

Sure, I agree that adding an attachment requires multiple steps and 
should.  But I don't think that adding a dependency is a 
sufficiently-complicated change that requires a multistep process.  Nor 
is adding keywords.  Nor is adding initial CCs.

> It would have a negligible effect on volumes of bug mail (not much of my 
> bug mail is from NEW bugs, at any rate), and if these users are 
> "advanced", then they should be able to cope with "Here, I've filed my 
> bug. Now, I want to change the dependencies, add a couple more CCs, 
> ACCEPT it and set the priority."

True, bug mail reduction is not my motivation.  I was just listing it as 
an added bonus :)

> But 141175: "Possibility to press a button on a bug thereby creating a 
> new "sub-bug" that blocks the first bug."
> I'm afraid that I think this is another terrible idea :-| This again 
> goes against the rule of making the common things easily accessible and 
> letting the less common things take more clicks. This is an action which 
> I doubt I'd use more than once a month - it certainly doesn't justify 
> having UI to reduce it from:
> "Click "Enter Bug", fill in fields, click "Commit", edit dependencies, 
> click "Commit"
> to
> "Click "Enter Bug Which Blocks This Bug", fill in fields, click "Commit".

I would use this much more often than once a month, probably daily.  It 
does justify the time saved for me.  The current UI is:

Click Enter Bug->Click Product->Fill in fields->Click Commit->Edit 

(I only repeat the UI b/c you missed choosing the product)
The suggested 141175 UI would be:

Click 'Enter blocking bug'->Change pre-filled fields as necessary, fill 
in fields->Click Commit

With the current UI, you may have forgotten what bug you need to block 
by the time you get to the edit screen!  Well, maybe not, but the 
suggested UI would make my life much easier.

> I'd like to back 112373 out, and mark 141175 as WONTFIX :-)

I disagree :)  But whatever is best for the entire Bugzilla community, 
if I'm only one of a few requesting the feature, then I can just patch 
my bugzilla installation.


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