os metadata / getting rid of enums

Jonathan Schatz jon at vmware.com
Fri Dec 20 02:53:35 UTC 2002

On Wed, 2002-12-18 at 18:37, Joel Peshkin wrote:
> You could ask for the early critique on IRC or here.

alright, here goes. 

the patch is at http://divisionbyzero.com/op_sys.patch and is against
cvs HEAD.

this does the following:

-adds a op_sys table
-removes the enum op_sys column in bugs
-adds a op_sys_id column in bugs (which points to op_sys.id)

checksetup.pl will create + populate the new table for you. everything
i've tried (new bugs, queries, changing, reports) has worked fine with
this code. 

feedback is requested. 

Jonathan Schatz
Engineering System Administrator
VMware, Inc
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