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Ludovic Dubost ludovic at
Tue Dec 10 21:28:41 UTC 2002

Gervase Markham wrote:
> If I may play devil's advocate for a moment...
>> Today we are using bugzilla for multiple areas:
>> - bug tracking
>> - project management (tasks)
>> - internal help desk
>> - customer service
>> - pre-sales
>> - external help desk
> It can't be denied that if Bugzilla is to be used for all of these 
> tasks, custom fields are a necessity. So we need to decide whether 
> Bugzilla is for all of those things, or whether it's for tracking bugs 
> in software and so should only have features related to that aim.
> Gerv

I expected this comment and that's why I talked about the big benefit of 
   using it for the different areas. The benefit being able to link all 
the issues together from the clients needs to the actual development. My 
understanding is that is also used for more that 
tracking bugs. It is actually used to manage the releases and the 
project itself to a certain extent (I'm refering to the mozilla 1.2 
tracking bug used for releases or landing big patches).

I understand that some of these features are CRM related and have 
nothing to do with bug tracking, but if you ask me, bugzilla has been a 
very powerfull help desk tool for us and was up to the challenge to 
handle the different needs we used it for.

The benefit of have only one tool has been huge as we only needed to 
train the people in the company to one tool and everybody could follow 
their tasks from one tool.

I'm not saying that bugzilla has to be used for all these features, but 
I'm definitely saying that it has the power to do so. This is what we 
have been doing for 2 years at our company and we saved ourselves:

- one CRM system
- two Help Desk System
- one Project Management system (I mean a few MS Project licenses)
- one bug tracking system

However, I don't really mind if you don't integrate the features outside 
bug tracking in bugzilla as thanks to open source I can still add them 
myself. But I would say that it is a shame not to add these powerfull 
features when we can.


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