[ANN] Release of Bugzilla 3.0!

Max Kanat-Alexander mkanat at bugzilla.org
Thu May 10 05:57:58 UTC 2007

  In 1998, the first open-source version of Bugzilla, 2.0, was
released to the world without much fanfare, just this little post
on the netscape.public.mozilla.announce mailing list:

    mozilla.org's bugsystem, "Bugzilla", has been completely rewritten.
    We like the new version much better, and hope you will too. Best of
    all, the source is now available, distributed under the MPL.  Learn
    more at http://www.mozilla.org/bugs/.

    - Terry         http://people.netscape.com/terry/ 

  Nine years later, Bugzilla is used by thousands of companies around
the world with millions of total users. It has become the de-facto
standard in open-source bug tracking. Thousands of companies have
moved away from their costly commercial bug-tracking systems to
Bugzilla, usually finding Bugzilla more flexible and more
full-featured than the system they'd been paying thousands or hundreds
of thousands of dollars for, and proving that open source software
really can produce a competitive product.

  Today, the Bugzilla Project is extremely proud to announce the
release of Bugzilla 3.0, and just like Terry said in 1998, "We like
the new version much better, and hope you will too." :-)

  Here's just a sampling of the major new features in version 3.0:

    * Custom Fields
    * mod_perl support for greatly-improved performance
    * Per-Product Permissions
    * XML-RPC Interface
    * Create and Modify Bugs by Email
    * And even more. See all the new features at:


  Bugzilla 3.0 also has a much-improved code base over previous
versions of Bugzilla. Improvements are still happening, but long-time
customizers and coders of Bugzilla will notice significant
improvements. And if you haven't seen Bugzilla code since 2.16 or so,
prepare to be (pleasantly) surprised!

  As always, we welcome open source contributors to Bugzilla, which is
built entirely by volunteers around the world. You too can be part of
the team that makes a product used by thousands of people daily. And
you don't have to be a programmer, either! See all the ways to
contribute at bugzilla.org:


  We hope that you enjoy Bugzilla 3.0!

Bugzilla is available at:


Release Notes & Changes
Before installing or upgrading, it is VERY IMPORTANT to read
the Release Notes:


To see a list of all changes between your version of Bugzilla and
the current version of Bugzilla, you can use the chart at:


Report Bugs
If you find a bug in Bugzilla, please report it! Instructions are
at this URL:


Try Out Bugzilla
If you'd like to test-drive Bugzilla, you can use the demo
installations of Bugzilla at:


You can ask questions for free on the mailing lists (or in IRC)
about Bugzilla, or you can hire a paid consultant to help you out:

  Free Support: http://www.bugzilla.org/support/
  Paid Support: http://www.bugzilla.org/support/consulting.html

About Bugzilla
  Bugzilla is a "Defect Tracking System" or "Bug-Tracking System."
Defect Tracking Systems allow individual or groups of developers
to keep track of outstanding bugs in their product effectively.
Most commercial defect-tracking software vendors charge enormous
licensing fees. Despite being "free", Bugzilla has many features
its expensive counterparts lack. Consequently, Bugzilla has quickly
become a favorite of hundreds of organizations across the globe, and
is widely regarded as one of the top defect-tracking systems available.

  See http://www.bugzilla.org/about/ for more details.

  -Max Kanat-Alexander
  Release Manager, Bugzilla Project
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