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Sat Mar 27 08:07:58 UTC 2021

Greeting everyone! 

For those that haven't already seen the news elsewhere, Mozilla is closing one of its data centers, and it happens to be the one housing the list server that hosts the [ mailto:dev-apps-bugzilla at | dev-apps-bugzilla at ] mailing list. They are not planning on moving the server to another data center because they are moving the lists on it to a groups package provided by their email host instead. Their new package isn't really a good fit for us. 

[ mailto:dev-apps-bugzilla at | dev-apps-bugzilla at ] is already mirrored to [ mailto:developers at, | developers at, ] so the end result of this is that the mirroring is just going to go away, and [ mailto:developers at | developers at ] will be the only venue for this list. 

The existing subscriber list from the Mailman side of dev-apps-bugzilla will be imported into the developers list. We do not have access to the Google Groups subscriber list, so if you're reading this there and want to stay on the list, you'll need to resubscribe via Mailman on the new server after the list moves. The address to go to for subscribing to the list will be [ | ] HOWEVER that link does not currently exist. More on that in PHASE 1 below. 

There will no longer be any access via Google Groups or NNTP to the list. For the immediate future we'll just have the list archives (starting over from scratch) in Mailman (the older archives will still be in Google Groups, just read-only). We are working on getting the Mailman 3 suite set up and migrating to that at some point in the near future. It has a web-based posting functionality for those that want that part back. 

This transition will happen in TWO PHASES. 

PHASE 1: The existing [ mailto:developers at | developers at ] mailing list is being transitioned from Majordomo2 to Mailman. This will be done in place on the same server that's already hosting it. The list posting email address will not change, but the URL for the web interface to it will. If you're filtering messages for this list in your mail client, you will probably have to fix your filters because Mailman has different headers than Majordomo2 does. The list archives will also be migrated. You will receive a welcome message from Mailman informing you that you've been subscribed to the list. If you previously customized your delivery settings in Majordomo2, you'll need to do that over again in Mailman. 

Once Phase 1 is complete, people who are receiving this list via Google Groups can subscribe to the new list at [ | ] 

PHASE 2: The subscriber list from [ mailto:dev-apps-bugzilla at | dev-apps-bugzilla at ] will be imported. If you're on that list, you'll also get a welcome message from Mailman informing you that you've been subscribed. If you previously customized your delivery settings on, you'll need to do so again on will be shutting down altogether on April 2nd. 

Sorry for the disruption this causes! 

Dave Miller 
Project Leader, Bugzilla 
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