Monthly Bugzilla Meeting

David Miller justdave at
Wed Oct 7 22:49:15 UTC 2020

We've been doing a project call on the first Wednesday of every month
since about 2012 or so.  Once upon a time it was a chance for people to
discuss project issues and talk about bugs they were working on. 
Nowadays it mostly serves as a quick status report, and sometimes (once
or twice a year) a cool demo.  Dylan has been having trouble getting to
them because of work conflicts, and he's one of the primary contributors
to meeting content, so if we're going to keep doing them, we really need
to reschedule it to work at a better time for him.

Of course, the next question is should we even be doing them?  There's
been probably 2 or 3 meetings per year where I've felt "I'm glad we had
that meeting" or "that was cool". :)  Most of them feel like we're going
through the motions just to make the meeting happen.  So is it worth
doing them?  What communication method would work better for getting
information out?  Emailing this list is probably one (I see this will be
the first post on this list in a little over a year, wow!).

FWIW, even the Mozilla Project has dropped having their usual weekly
meetings on Monday because of lack of participation.


Dave Miller
Project Leader
Bugzilla Project

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