Re-Starting Bugzilla development

Dylan Hardison dylan at
Wed Jul 5 22:12:53 UTC 2017

Hi everyone! 

tl; dr I want Bugzilla 6 to basically be a portable version of the code as it exists on

So we've discussed this at the previous two Bugzilla meetings, and I've chatted with a few people about this in passing,
but to make to official I wanted to announce my intention of rebasing the next major release of Bugzilla on the current code.

There needs to be some discussion on what this means, and I don't have all that figured out just yet but I do have a general shape of 
what the end result is:

1. There will be an upgrade path from the current 5.x release to this new "bmo-based" 6.0 release
2. There will be an upgrade path from the master branch to this as well
In this context, "upgrade path" means that the schema will migrate successfully.
3. This doesn't automatically mean BMOs extensions will get merged up, but we may ship them disabled. This is particularly the case when there is code that is mysql-specific
(although ideally I'd like to fix that)

There are a lot of changes I've seen in RedHat's 5.0 beta that I would love to also merge too -- but as those aren't public yet it isn't on my roadmap.

The rationale for doing this is simply there is a large amount of work going into BMO -- including multiple UX improvements (from the new enter bug page to Kohei's effort to redesign the general UI
(header/footer). There are also changes that have slipped in to Bugzilla that BMO can never support as implemented,
among these are the current implementation of user names (there is a different plan for implementing the same functionality in BMO) and the REST API rewrite.

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