Towards faster keyword searches

Dylan Hardison dylan at
Mon Sep 26 04:05:13 UTC 2016

> On Sep 25, 2016, at 23:51, Jeff Fearn <jfearn at> wrote:
>> There are a whole class of these -- anything that is a 'multiselect' type search. I believe someone suggested embedding these queries (at least as an option)
>> as a sub select and in general I think that's a good idea. An even nicer idea is to just let elastic search do the searching.
>> One of these approaches I hope to explore with an outreachy intern.
> The effect of using ID lists instead of sub selects is wider than just
> searching, as the above patch demonstrates.
Noted :-)

> I ran this on a copy of our DB and it seems to perform well. I did have
> to chop off the order by as it's not leagl in Pg to have a group by
> clause and then order by things not in the group by clause or an
> aggregate function.

I would hope that offending code is only generated by the (mysql) parts of Bugzilla::DB::*. I'll verify that before getting that ready for review.

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