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Vard Antinyan vardantinyan at
Wed Sep 7 16:45:45 UTC 2016

Dear developers,

We have undertaken a task to assess code complexitytriggers and generate recommendations for developing simple and understandablecode. Our intension is to share the results with software developers of theentire world (open source, academy, industry, students), so everyone can learnthe triggers behind complex software.

A previous survey that we conducted with seven largecompanies have shown results that can significantly increase our understandingof complexity and empower us to manage complexity effectively.

You are welcome to learn the results of the previousstudy through this link:

However we need your help for more input and morerigorous results. My request to you is - would you please consider to answerthe questions of this survey, which takes about 10 minutes to fulfill?

The results will be shared in a public webpage andeveryone possible will be invited to learn and discuss them.

Your knowledge and experience is vital for achieving substantialand generalizable results, and your effort is much appreciated!


Vard Antinyan

PhD candidate in University of Gothenburg, Sweden

Tel: 0046317725707

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