RFC pod2rst docs changes

Jeff Fearn jfearn at redhat.com
Tue Sep 6 07:08:40 UTC 2016

Hi, using RST bugs me and having the docs split between two UIs bugs me,
the solution, pod2rst.

Attached is a patch to replace the current pod2html with pod2rst, it's
incomplete as I'm not sure exactly where to put the rst files or how
best to integrate the docs in to the rest of the ... rest :D

Currently they get put in to docs/$lang/intergration/api/ and get added
to the bottom of the integrating docs.


Note the poor choice of title for this section ^_^

I copied a couple of extensions in to the upstream 5.0 branch just for

I note that none of the extensions get added to the search, going to
have to figure that one out.

It'd be nice to put the WebServer docs in to the API docs, but should
they go in both places?

It's also be nice if we had a standard way of doing User and admin docs
in the extension pod, and putting that in the right guide.

Say Extension.pm has the user docs and lib/Config.pm has the admin docs,
or something.

What I like about that is all the information would be available both in
the POD and in the web docs, so you could always find all the docs.

Comments welcome ;)

Cheers, Jeff.
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