Meeting notes for April

Emmanuel Seyman emmanuel at
Mon May 2 15:36:32 UTC 2016

* Gervase Markham [02/05/2016 15:10] :
> From my perspective (others may disagree) it's not impossible that we
> host it another Git-hosting site and do a read-only mirror on Github
> (for visibility), if sufficient contributing developers object on
> principle to Github and can agree on an alternative site with a
> reasonable feature set.

FYI, the terms of service you have to agree to in order to create an
account in github are here:

And the privacy policy is here:

>                         However, given our limited resources, I don't
> believe self-hosting would be a good use of them.

A while back, there was talk of being hosted by the Eclipse Foundation.
Would they be willing to maintain a git system (assuming they don't
already do that)?

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