Can Bugzilla Automatically Create a ServiceNow Ticket

Dylan Hardison dylan at
Thu Jan 28 07:50:41 UTC 2016

This could be done from an extension and a little bit of experimentation.

To write an extension you need to know a little perl. A starting point

Conveniently, there is a perl API to Service Now on CPAN:

If I were doing this, I think I'd start with figuring out how to
create a ServiceNow ticket using that library
and then figure out the Bugzilla bits.

The Bugzilla bits is probably the bug_after_create() -- so your
extension would define that hook and use ServiceNow::SOAP to create
the ticket.

I think this is a useful extension idea. I'm sure you have more
questions -- if email is a bit too slow, I and other bugzilla
developers also hang out in #bugzilla on

Hope that helps, happy hacking! :-)

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