Call to Benchmark PSGI!

Dylan Hardison dylan at
Wed Jan 20 05:17:10 UTC 2016

I knew these numbers were too good to be true -- it turns out the
stock mod_perl config has such a low Apache::SizeLimit that the
process gets killed after a few requests. I've re-opened and the new
default will be a more more reasonable 250_000.

I'm still keen on benchmarks, and I'll post my revised ones shortly. I
recommend editing and setting the size limit to 250_000 or
or wait for Bug 731589 to land.

On Tue, Jan 19, 2016 at 12:33 PM, Dylan Hardison <dylan at> wrote:
> I think PSGI is *ridiculously* faster than mod_perl
> Given a simple benchmark of calling apache bench against show_bug?id=1
> (with a simple testing db, mind you) I get 12 requests a second under PSGI
> (using HTTP::Server::PSGI) and 4 requests/second with mod_perl
> So mod_perl is about twice as fast CGI, but PSGI is three times faster
> than mod_perl.
> So a call to people out there that have a working mod_perl setup ---
> please benchmark
> master on both mod_perl and PSGI and post the results here!
> Regards,
> Dylan.

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