Self Introduction: David Capito

Dylan Hardison dylan at
Tue Jan 12 22:29:15 UTC 2016

Although, if we do proper l10n (using Locale::Maketext), this would
just be a custom localization, en_Capito for instance. The amount to
get there is quite big though.

On Tue, Jan 12, 2016 at 5:14 PM, Frédéric Buclin <lpsolit at> wrote:
> Le 12. 01. 16 22:42, David Capito a écrit :
>>    - What do you want to help out with? *At our design/dev agency, we've
>>    had a couple of cases where we've wanted to quickly change the terms used
>>    by Bugzilla, such as "bugs" "components" and "products". The template has
>>    the option for the first one... I'd like to start off by helping modify the
>>    templates to use terms tags for the other terms as well, providing options
>>    for others in the same situation.*
> Hi,
> This work has already been done, see
> but it has been
> decided to not take it due to the added complexity. I suggest you simply
> take the patch in this bug and see if it still applies cleanly to your
> installation.
> LpSolit
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