Project leadership changes

Dave Miller justdave at
Sat Jan 2 04:41:37 UTC 2016

My apologies for being so late to get this written up, I've been loafing
around at home enjoying the holiday with my family. :-)

At the Bugzilla Project Meeting that was held on December 23rd, I
announced some leadership changes for the project.

Byron "glob" Jones had announced at the previous meeting that he was
resigning from his assistant project leader role because of a change in
focus that didn't leave him adequate time to deal with it anymore.  In
the intervening month since then, Mark Côté had also approached me about
it being difficult to keep Mozilla's Bugzilla separate from the upstream
project since they had different goals. This left both of the assistant
project leader positions open.

Dylan Hardison and Gervase Markham have both agreed to step into those
roles, and have already been taking over those duties.

Byron and Mark are still around and working on Bugzilla, so we're not
completely losing them. :-)  I do want to thank both of them for all the
work they've done over the last several months.

Dylan is currently working on organizing the biggest wishlist items from
several of the bigger Bugzilla installations with the goal of getting us
a project roadmap going again.  Hopefully we'll be discussing that
shortly on this list.

So anyway, please join me in congratulating Dylan and Gerv on their new
positions, and please give them whatever help they need to keep making
Bugzilla great!

Dave Miller
IT Infrastructure Engineer, Mozilla
Project Leader, Bugzilla Bug Tracking System

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