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Fri Feb 26 16:21:29 UTC 2016

I think I'd like to proposing a new bug status: WAITING

WAITING is a status that can be included either as a closed or open status, but will probably be treated as closed in most cases.
WAITING bugs have one special property, when a comment is added to a WAITING bug, then it is automatically placed into the OPEN state.

Broadly, this allows people to ignore bugs that are waiting on someone else.

The new WAITING status solves 2 related problems:

1. The need to follow up on needinfo? items.
A bug has no STR or more info was needed. You NI? the creator, but the bug still shows up on searches and you still need to close the bug after some length of time. With a status of WAITING however, this becomes automatic.

2. Closing a 'good' bug.
A bug has been raised that is a good idea, but you know that it's never going to happen unless someone contributes a patch, and you don't want the bug to turn up in searches unless someone does chime in. So you add a comment about welcoming contributions and set the status to WAITING

My question is really a technical one. Is this possible, and how hard is it?


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