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Sat Apr 30 21:18:45 UTC 2016

The issue is that, as I understand it, Mozilla is downsizing on the
amount of VCS systems it has to maintain. So IT is trying to
decommission the internal git server and is not really interested in
putting another one in its place and maintain that instead (gitlab).
So if we move to github, we have a stable place to host the upstream
Bugzilla as well as BMO itself.


On 04/29/2016 05:39 PM, Cédric Corazza wrote:
> Le 28/04/2016 17:49, Gervase Markham a écrit :
>> The notes from last night's Bugzilla Meeting are here:
>> Gerv
> Hi,
> I could not attend this meeting. I am a bit puzzled about "the Github
> migration plans".
> Although I do not contribute to the code, I do understand the
> contributors' concerns about using Github.
> There are alternatives for it, like Gitlab:
> which has more or less the same features than Github, than can be hosted
> on Mozilla infrastructure.
> In fact, I had to create a gitlab instance in my enterprise because
> developers created a "wild" repo on github.
> The burden is the initial configuration setup. Then, it is all about
> backupping the MySQL/MariaDB dumps and upgrading when new versions are
> released. The Community Edition support LDAP, CAS and database (local)
> identification. 10 mn hacking allows to customize the homepage (this
> feature is included in Enterprise Edition in a more easier way).
> I did not check yet, but I guess there should be providers that propose
> this kind of hosting
> The Community Edition is licensed under MIT License.
> Voilà!
> My two cents
> Cédric
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