Bugzilla 4.2 will be EOL on 2015/11/30

Mark Côté mcote at mozilla.com
Wed Jul 29 16:27:53 UTC 2015

On 2015-07-29 12:24 PM, Gervase Markham wrote:
> Hi Mark,
> On 29/07/15 15:25, Mark Côté wrote:
>> Thus Bugzilla 4.2 will be end-of-lifed on 30 November 2015. This means
>> no fixes of any kind will be issued for Bugzilla 4.2 from that date
>> onwards. As usual, all Bugzilla admins are encouraged to upgrade[2] to
>> the latest version of Bugzilla as soon as possible, especially those
>> running 4.2 or earlier.
> Thanks for arranging this announcement. :-)
> Can we get it up on http://www.bugzilla.org/ and
> https://bugzillaupdate.wordpress.com/? :-) Who would be able to do that?

I'm going to reword it slightly (adding a bit about the overall EOL
scheme we're now using) before sending to announce at bugzilla.org.  I can
put it up on the blog as well.  Perhaps justdave or dkl can add it to
the site.


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