Replicating a Bugzilla database structure

Gervase Markham gerv at
Mon Jul 6 13:18:14 UTC 2015

Let's say you want to make a copy of a Bugzilla database's structure -
i.e. all the data and configuration (products, components etc.), but not
the bugs or attachments. This is handy if you are setting up a test
system for a production server with a large databsae.

Try this (with appropriate auth credentials):

# Extract table structure but no data at all
mysqldump -u bugzilla -p --add-drop-database --add-drop-table --no-data
bugzilla > skeleton.db

# Extract table data of all tables except those relating to bugs and
attachments and other temporary stuff

mysqldump -u bugzilla -p --no-create-info
--ignore-table=bugzilla.attachments --ignore-table=bugzilla.attach_data
--ignore-table=bugzilla.bug_see_also --ignore-table=bugzilla.bug_tag
--ignore-table=bugzilla.bugs --ignore-table=bugzilla.bugs_activity
--ignore-table=bugzilla.dependencies --ignore-table=bugzilla.duplicates
--ignore-table=bugzilla.flags --ignore-table=bugzilla.keywords
--ignore-table=bugzilla.longdescs --ignore-table=bugzilla.series_data
--ignore-table=bugzilla.votes --ignore-table=bugzilla.audit_log bugzilla
> data.db

Then send the two files you've created back to mysql, in the order you
created them.

Hope this helps someone. If you know a better way of doing this, do post it.

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