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Thu Jan 22 16:26:07 UTC 2015

Well, my thinking was when we do a single patch with all relnotes combines in a
single file initially, it is up to the single reviewer to go back through all the bugs
and verify that the relnote is correct for each. By having each relnote attached
to the inidividul bugs and then asking for review, the approver would only need
to look at that specific relnote. The final reviewer for the top level release notes
bug would therefore only need to look at the high level key points. My proposal
spreads the work load and also the approvers normally have a good understanding
of what is being solved by each bug report.


On 01/21/2015 07:37 PM, Frédéric Buclin wrote:
> Le 21. 01. 15 16:25, David Lawrence a écrit :
>> 4) The release manager goes through the bug list and adds a brief
>> summary of the bug fix to the "User Story" field for each bug.
> In that case, instead of doing this + setting the relnote flag +
> writing/running a script, it would be much easier to update
> page/release-notes.html.tmpl directly and attach a patch for review.
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