Release notes for future versions

Gervase Markham gerv at
Wed Jan 21 14:35:20 UTC 2015

On 16/01/15 18:10, Frédéric Buclin wrote:
> I disagree. This requires to compile the docs to read them.

No, because there will be a copy on

>> require the patch to contain a patch to the release notes if it's
>> release-noteworthy. This means all the work is done at the time of patch
>> submission.
> I disagree here too. It's not the job of the contributor to decide what
> should be relnoted and what shouldn't. 

Well, the contributor in collaboration with their reviewer.

Who adds the relnote keyword at the moment?

> I made another proposal on IRC yesterday. The idea is to still add the
> 'relnote' keyword as we always did, but we update release notes for each
> development release instead of waiting for rc1. The bug list between two
> consecutive dev releases is not that big. And we have a better idea of
> what is important and what is pretty minor.

I like that idea. :-) That may well help.


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