Self-Introduction: Lance Zimmerman

Mark Côté mcote at
Thu Jan 15 20:36:07 UTC 2015

Hi Lance, welcome!  Always great to find more Perl hackers!

Yes, that bug is probably pretty simple.  Good luck!  And feel free to
drop into #bugzilla on if you have questions.


On 2015-01-15 1:37 PM, Lance Zimmerman wrote:
> Hi,
> My name is Lance Zimmerman. I live and work in San Jose, CA. I would like
> to help out with contributing to Bugzilla. I have been working in software
> build and test for the last 10 years, mostly with wireless network drivers.
> Perl has been the primary test and script language used. I would rate my
> current Perl skill level as medium or upper medium. I have experience with
> various bug tracking and workflow systems on the user level. These include
> Bugzilla, Extra View, Trac, Confluence, Jenkins, and JIRA.
> Looking at the bugs marked good for newcomers, I thought *Bug 577958*
> <> might be a good one
> for me to start with.
> Thanks,
> Lance

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