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Mark Côté mcote at
Thu Jan 15 18:26:04 UTC 2015

dkl has been chugging away at the release notes for 5.0rc1.  I would
like to remind all developers, reviewers, and approvers that any
significant change should be tagged with the "relnote" keyword.  Trying
to figure out what should go into the release notes is very tedious when
the keyword is regularly neglected.

Second, I'd like to propose an amendment to this process: rather than
waiting until the first release candidate, any change that requires a
relnote should have the relnote added before the bug is resolved.  This
will vastly speed up the release process, since the release manager
won't have to read through bug comments to get the gist of changes.  dkl
suggests using the User Story field, which makes sense to me, since the
release note is essentially a very brief summary of the change.

Finally, if someone is looking for a way to contribute to Bugzilla, I'm
sure dkl would appreciate help with future releases!  It's a perfect
opportunity to help out if you don't feel comfortable coding on Bugzilla.


Mark Côté
Assistant Project Lead, Bugzilla
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