Remove approval requirement for trunk?

Dave Miller justdave at
Fri Aug 28 00:33:07 UTC 2015

I like this idea. I'm pretty sure we trust the folks with review permissions these days, and like you said, a- on trunk is rare.

On August 27, 2015 7:33:43 PM EDT, Gervase Markham <gerv at> wrote:
>I'd like to propose we remove the approval requirement for trunk.
>LpSolit said the last time he can remember anyone a-minusing a patch
>trunk was where the feature wasn't actually wanted, and no-one had
>bothered to point this out, and it was quite a few years ago.
>If we instead had some sort of last resort "the project lead can
>a backout of a trunk feature if he decides it's not actually wanted"
>power, and expect that power to be used about once every 5 years, would
>that be enough to eliminate this extra bureaucratic step?
>The one exception, I suggest, would be for patches which touch the DB,
>which can not be so easily backed out. Those would continue to require
>approval from an approver.
>Approval would also remain in place for stable branches, where
>are supposed to weigh the importance of the patch against the risk to
>What do you all think?
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