Reviewing the New Docs

Gervase Markham gerv at
Mon Sep 29 15:26:18 UTC 2014

The rewritten Bugzilla docs are finally ready! They are loads better
than the old ones, but we need to get them reviewed so they can be
checked in and people can start using them.

If you are a Bugzilla admin, administrator or user, the Bugzilla team
could really use your help reviewing them. The more, the merrier. This
is an opportunity for everyone who has been blessed by using Bugzilla to
give a little back.

Head over here:
and follow the instructions to claim a chapter or section to review. A
chapter can (and should be) reviewed multiple times.

Particular bonus points and hugs for people who can review, and test,
the install guides for Windows and Mac.

Thanks for your help!

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