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Gervase Markham gerv at
Tue Sep 23 09:58:56 UTC 2014

Hi Henrique,

On 16/09/14 19:17, H. Rocha wrote:
> Yes, we have a prototype tool already running. Please look at: <
> >
> Of course, we are working hardly now to improve this first prototype. In
> fact, by next week we plan to have a new version where the developers can
> customize filters to select recommendations on just specific types of bugs
> (e.g, bugs of a certain severity, bugs not assigned to anyone, etc).

A few ideas and suggestions:

* You should make your tool a proper Bugzilla Extension:

  There is a template hook called "after_custom_fields" which would be
  perfect for you to add your new UI to the bug edit screen. This would
  mean your extension would work with more than one version of Bugzilla.

* You should use Template Toolkit and the template system to produce
  any HTML you need, rather than using print() statements as now.

* Instead of loading the data via jquery, you could use code hooks to
  prepare it when a page was being viewed, and then just access it
  directly through template variables in the edit.html.tmpl template.

The general idea of your tool looks great, though :-)

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