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Mark Côté mcote at
Wed Sep 3 14:03:13 UTC 2014

On 2014-09-03 5:09 AM, Gervase Markham wrote:
> On 03/09/14 05:03, Dave Miller wrote:
>> I was going to mention this, too.  The announcement reads very much like
>> Mozilla's announcement that it was dropping Thunderbird development.
>> Thunderbird is still very much alive, just Mozilla isn't paying
>> developers to work on it anymore.
> That is so. And how that plays out does depend on how strong their
> non-Yahoo community is.
> However, choice of desktop email software and choice of web framework
> are not the same. The web moves fast; email, not so much. We ideally
> want to use something would-be developers of Bugzilla are familiar with,
> whereas it doesn't matter much at all to you what email client I use,
> and it doesn't matter to me what you use.
> We are also about to make the effort of a transition, and it does make
> sense not to transition to something which has already been put into
> "maintenance mode" in a fast-moving space, and of which knowledge among
> potential developers is inevitably going to decrease.

I agree with Gerv on all points.  No, YUI isn't going away right now,
but I would bet that it will follow the path of Bazaar, and slowly lose
its user base and thus people with any knowledge of and experience with
it.  As Gerv pointed out, we're at the point where we either have to put
more effort into the YUI3 conversion to finish it, or we use what
lessons we learned there and move to a system that has much less
likelihood of vanishing.  We already decided that moving from Bazaar to
git was a good idea for a number of reasons, despite Bazaar not being
entirely abandoned, so I think similar reasoning should apply here.


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