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David Marshall dmarshal at
Tue Sep 2 17:28:27 UTC 2014

On Monday, September 1, 2014 1:23 AM, Byron Jones <glob at> wrote:
> Emmanuel Seyman wrote:
> >> >  that said, i think it would be wise to shelf that work, and instead
> >> >  move to jquery.
> > Unless there's a massive amount of work left to be done, I'ld prefer we
> > move to yui3. It might not have a lot going for it but, at least, it's
> > maintained, unlike yui 2.x .

> i honestly don't think moving to a platform which has already been 
> announced as deprecated would be a good idea.
> yui3 will die a slow death, and we'd be left, yet again, using an old 
> technology that nobody wants to work with (see also: bzr).

I don't disagree that Bugzilla may quite reasonably move to a YUI alternative, but it's not quite accurate to describe YUI as deprecated. All that's been said is that Yahoo employees won't be spending their time doing new YUI 3 development. There's a developer community apart from Yahoo employees, and it is ultimately they who will determine the relevance of YUI going forward.
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