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Tue Sep 2 16:04:51 UTC 2014

... actually, node.js could be used to serve REST APIs.
There is much less value in a MV* framework when the rest api is lacking;
so yes, Angular and friends wouldn't have as much value. What do I mean? I
mean that my experience as a bugzilla user is that one big page is loaded,
that sometimes I get iframes for searching duplicate bugs, but other than
that you cannot do everything from one page. Where are all the fragments?
That is a different discussion though.

How about the stakeholders put a criteria list forward to help pick the UI
framework? Things like accessibility for example should not be discounted.

On Mon, Sep 1, 2014 at 3:48 PM, Guy Pyrzak <guy.pyrzak at> wrote:

> To help clarify.
> Mocha, qunit, and jasmine are all for testing JavaScript. Mockjax, Sinon
> would help with that. These are framework/library independent and could be
> used with yui3, bootstrap, or jquery ui.
> The fact that Bugzilla has JavaScript code that has no testing code
> associated  with it ( other than selenium scripts) is something that should
> be considered and corrected.
> I agree that Angular, React, Polymer, ember, gulp, grunt or broccoli are
> not as worth while as they are frameworks or node.js dependent.
> -Guy
> On Monday, September 1, 2014, Byron Jones <glob at> wrote:
>> Gervase Markham wrote:
>> I would certainly back a process where we stepped back and looked at
>> where things are now in client side web development best practice and
>> where they are going. This should be led by someone who had already
>> heard of Grunt, Broccoli, Gulp, Backbone, React, Ember, Polymer,
>> Angular, Mocha, Casper and Karma before reading the YUI announcement! (I
>> hadn't heard of most of them - perhaps that's just me, though.)
>>  most of those aren't relevant to bugzilla (task runner, client-side
>> asset builder, build system, testing, complete frameworks, ...).
>> modern javascript web development generally doesn't mesh well with large
>> legacy applications, and i'm concerned that taking a step back at this
>> stage to evaluate a large rewrite of the UI would not result in timely
>> decision.
>> our immediate need is to determine if we should continue the yui3 path,
>> or move to a jquery based widget library.
>> if we decide to move to jquery, then we should be talking about widget
>> libraries, not wholesale rewrites.
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