Proposal for target milestones

Byron Jones glob at
Tue Sep 2 04:23:04 UTC 2014

Mark Côté wrote:
> Thus I propose that our policy for using the Target Milestone be as follows:
> * Bugs that are being actively worked on and are anticipated to be
> finished before the next release, as well as bugs officially designated
> as blockers, should have the Target Milestone set, and only to the next
> anticipated release.
> * Only the bug's assignee or a Bugzilla reviewer/approver should set or
> unset the Target Milestone.
> * As we currently do, bugs without a Target Milestone that are committed
> before an upcoming release should set it after the patch is committed.
nit: the current policy is for the approver to set the milestone - it 
probably makes sense to continue this practice instead of setting the 
milestone when a bug is marked as fixed.
> * We will stop using the [Roadmap: X] white board tag.
> Everyone at the meeting was in agreement, but I want to turn it over to
> the forum for any discussion before making it official.

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