Important news regarding future YUI development

Byron Jones glob at
Mon Sep 1 07:05:48 UTC 2014

David Lawrence wrote:
> Unfortunately it seems Yahoo is taking a different direction and all development work
> on YUI has stopped effective immediately.
that's a shame :(

> Since we are not too far along yet
unfortunately this isn't accurate.  while there isn't work ready to 
commit, significant effort has been put into the yui3 migration, and 
there's already a lot of work against that branch.

that said, i think it would be wise to shelf that work, and instead move to jquery.

before we start throwing frameworks at the list and hope one of them stick, i think it would be prudent to first document our requirements.  thankfully we make very sparten use of yui, and the gsoc yui3 project work can be used roadmap towards js/template that will need to be touched once a framework and plugins are chosen.

here's my start:

- jquery based
- compatible license (foss)
- cross-browser support
- wai/aria support
- localisation support

- data tables/grids with ajax support
- auto-completion with ajax support
- calendar

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