Target Milestones, cont'd, and release-process documentation

Frédéric Buclin lpsolit at
Wed Oct 22 13:27:02 UTC 2014

Le 22. 10. 14 15:18, Mark Côté a écrit :
> I fully admit to not even knowing about those flags; we don't seem to
> use them very often.  I'm not sure how useful they are nowadays since we
> only want to block releases for actual blocker bugs.  As I stated in my
> other post, using severity=blocker seems adequate.

We used those flags for years (we were already using them in 2004 when I
joined the project). It would make more sense for you to learn about
them than breaking well established tracking rules (and making some
existing saved searches useless).

We use them when there is a point to use them. We don't mark everything
as blockers just for fun. If you want a very recent example of using
such flags, look at


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