Change from Tinderbox to Travis CI for automated Bugzilla testing

David Lawrence dkl at
Fri May 16 20:36:18 UTC 2014


  For a month or so, I have been working on getting our automated Bugzilla QA test suite up and running with the Travis
Continuous Integration system[1] (Travis CI for short). Up until now we have been using Tinderbox[2] for performing our
automated testing. Mozilla WebOps have been wanting to decommission Tinderbox for quite some time as the code base is no longer
maintained and Bugzilla[3] was the only project still actively using it.

  Travis CI has a free service option for open source projects which is what we will be using for Bugzilla. It requires the code
to be located in and since we now have a read-only mirror of all Bugzilla branches to, Travis CI became a
good option. Basically whenever a commit is made, Travis CI fires off workers that will run the automated test suite and record
the results. All is required is a configuration file in the root directory of the code. The file contains some basic information
such as programming language, how to get the test environment set up, etc.

  So starting now, Tinderbox will no longer be running our automated test suite and we will instead using Travis CI[3]. Any
failures or changes in the testing status will be announced in the IRC channels #bugzilla and #qa-bugzilla. We will be working
on improving our test coverage as well as enabling tests for the master Bugzilla branch which we have not done up until now.
If you have any questions, feel free to email or ping me on IRC in #bugzilla.

David Lawrence
Bugzilla Release Manager


David Lawrence
dkl at

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