(re)introducing Mark Côté, Bugzilla Assistant Project Lead

Mark Côté mcote at mozilla.com
Fri Mar 28 01:11:44 UTC 2014

Thanks for the intro, Dave!

As Dave said, I've been managing the BMO (bugzilla.mozilla.org) team for
a while (almost two years, actually!) and so I have a vested interest in
Bugzilla's future.  I also understand that BMO is not the same as
Bugzilla; the BMO team has been good (long before my time) at
upstreaming changes that have general benefit, creating extensions where
use cases are specific but still applicable outside of Mozilla, and
committing directly to BMO core where neither is the case.  I don't plan
on changing that.

I feel that Bugzilla is at a critical point right now; while to the
outside it may appear that development has slowed down, we're
modernizing various bits of it in parallel, both on the front end and
back end, and I think it's ripe for a renaissance.  I want to get that
word out and show the world that Bugzilla is still an excellent choice
for issue tracking (and if you're like Mozilla, much more! ;).  I want
to get more people excited and build up to a critical mass.

Just a few of things I want to do include

* laying out our exact plan for the 5.0 release, in particular where
community members can help out
* developing a road map for the future
* cataloging extensions
* growing the community, finding space for everyone, be they testers,
doc-writers, coders, graphic designers, or anything else that Bugzilla needs
* getting regular feedback, coordination, and alignment through public

In the very short term, that means I'll be doing a bunch of updates to
our website and a blog post or two to reflect Bugzilla's current
situation and the work that has been done recently.  That should set the
stage for a good discussion at a public meeting, which I'd like to
schedule for mid-April, perhaps (throwing out a date at random) some
time on or around Wednesday, April 16th, perhaps at 14:00 UTC.  Google
Hangout seemed to work.  We can always rotate the time and/or medium to
maximize participation.

Mark (mcote)

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