Gervase Markham gerv at
Wed Dec 17 15:41:59 UTC 2014

On 17/12/14 15:37, David Lawrence wrote:
> Well in any case, we should definitely do #1 anyway as people will want to know how to
> compile and host their own docs. As for #3, I am not sure how admins feel about Bugzilla
> redirecting to external hosts by default that they do not control.

It's not redirecting, it's linking, which is an important distinction.

Many free software packages I've seen have online manuals. I don't think
this is a deeply unexpected thing. I just want Bugzilla to work by
default with the minimum number of install steps.

> What if we make the docs_urlbase one of the "must-set" params that show up when a admin
> accesses a new Bugzilla instance for the first time? Then we can have the param's description
> explain the different choices giving the option to just use ReadTheDocs if desired.

Do we have any reason to believe that more than a tiny proportion of
people compile the docs? Can we make it a must-set param so they
consider it, but default to RTD so they can just leave it if they want
the obvious thing?

(We'd ideally need some intelligence so if they ever upgraded, it would
move to the newer docs for the version they have. Either we put that
intelligence into the 5.0 codebase now, or we have to write a migration
path for whatever static URL we set.)


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