Gervase Markham gerv at
Wed Dec 17 10:49:08 UTC 2014

We are now encouraging people to get their Bugzilla installs from a
stable branch in git. Git does not have the HTML docs checked in - they
need to be built. The current default value of docs_urlbase is
'docs/%lang%/html/', which means that by default, when you install
Bugzilla, all the Help links will 404.

We should make docs_urlbase more intelligent, such that it uses HTML
docs on the local filesystem if they exist (i.e. have been built) but
otherwise falls back to the appropriate version on ReadTheDocs, based on
BUGZILLA_VERSION. (Do we have a way for Bugzilla to tell that the
version it's running is the current unreleased trunk? If not, that case
might be a bit tricky.)

Could we even eliminate the parameter altogether in favour of this
scheme, or is there some use case I'm missing?

If that seems like too much for the 5.0 branch, we should change the
default there to the 5.0 branch docs on ReadTheDocs, and document in the
parameter description what value to use for local docs.


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