user.js for Bugzilla

Gervase Markham gerv at
Tue Dec 9 16:53:23 UTC 2014

On 09/12/14 16:49, Mark Côté wrote:
> Not keen about this either.  It sounds like a support nightmare if
> everyone has their own custom JS.  It's bad enough right now with only a
> couple Bugzilla-specific add-ons.

If it were built into Bugzilla, we could put a simple "off switch" on
each page, to reload the page without it. Then, if anyone had a problem,
we could simply say "can you reproduce it with your customizations
turned off?". At the moment, there's no control at all.

Also, if it were built into Bugzilla, we could offer common libraries to
simplify common tasks, like a callback hook for registering "bug submit"
events (where I could e.g. check if it was a Bugzilla product bug being
RESOLVED FIXED, and set the TM if so). If Greasemonkey scripts are used,
stuff like that has to be duplicated in each script, because scripts
can't reliably reference one another or guarantee presence.


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