Bugzilla git has stabilized

Dylan Hardison dylan at mozilla.com
Fri Dec 5 22:56:44 UTC 2014

After some minor git surgery, it is safe to commit to the bugzilla git repo again.
There are remaining issues with bzr that are outside the scope of this email.

Action is required because this fix necessitated changing history.

Do a git fetch to get updated references
$ git fetch origin

Next, commit any changes you have made.
$ git rebase -i origin/master

This will open up your editor with all the commits that you have made + the ones
Delete all the "pick ..." lines that are not *YOUR* changes.
If you have made no changes, replace all the lines you've deleted with one line:

If you git rebase and the editor contains only "noop", congratulations! You never had the bad commits
in your checkout.

Finally, save and quit the editor that git-rebase opened. You're good to go.
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