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Fri Dec 5 18:28:47 UTC 2014

yes, this needs to be fixed; the revision history is a complete mess.
gerv, can you please file a bug so this can be tracked?

i don't think now's the right time to work on updating landfill to pull 
from git, nor drop cvs.

(i don't think that starting a new branch is a good idea btw)


Gervase Markham wrote:
> On 04/12/14 18:01, Gervase Markham wrote:
>> Is it enough trouble that we want to back up and fix it, and deal with
>> the fallout of fixing up the BZR and CVS mirrors manually, and deal with
>> the fact that some people's checkouts may break (we'd have to manually
>> fix those on landfill, for example)? We can recruit the help of some of
>> our VCS experts who are here in Portland.
> I talked to Mike Hommey. He says we could:
> * Delete the offending commit and all commits after by moving the head
> back to the last commit beforehand, and then pushing with git push -f.
> * We would need to do some sort of manual fixup on any checkout which
> wanted to push in the future. That's probably just the checkouts of the
> core devs, at this stage.
> * In terms of the bzr mirror, it's not clear what happens. How does our
> bzr mirroring work? Can we delete the repo and start again, or would we
> end up with new commit IDs? Can we do similar surgery? Mike doesn't know
> because he's not too familiar with bzr.
> * The checkouts on landfill are from bzr, and will have updated by now
> to the version with the bad commits. Now might be a good time to switch
> them over to using git...
> Goodness knows how we'd fix the CVS repo... Perhaps it's time to abandon
> it for trunk? :-)
> The other option would be to start a new branch from before the merge,
> and say "OK, trunk is now this new branch", and people would have to
> switch over manually. We could call it "trunk" instead of "master". This
> may have annoying fallout if the name "master" is the default in various
> commands, I don't know. Mike thinks only "clone" does this.
> Gerv
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