Moving Bugzilla to git?

Gervase Markham gerv at
Wed Oct 23 11:38:04 UTC 2013

Hi Mark,

I support this move, although I have some comments on making it work well.

On 21/10/13 18:08, Mark Côté wrote:
> I think we should move the Bugzilla code off of the Bazaar system hosted
> by Mozilla and onto git, and maybe even GitHub. 

I think we should master it (insofar as git has a master) on Mozilla's
git server (assuming it's up by now?) and mirror to github. That gives
better continuity in the face of problems on a service we don't control,
but also the exposure that github brings.

> However, even with some advance warning, I don't think we can convert
> and then abandon Bazaar immediately due to Bugzilla's suggested upgrade
> path, which is to install a package and then pull updates directly from
> the Bazaar repository. If we had to do a security release, it doesn't
> seem right to require users to switch VCSs to get that fix. That said, I
> don't think we need to maintain Bazaar indefinitely, just for some grace
> period. I suggest 9 months, which would put that sometime mid-2014. I
> would, however, like to shut down CVS when we migrate to git,
> so that we don't have to maintain three VCSs at the same time.

Are you planning only to move trunk to github, or also a number of branches?

What is the current status of the CVS mirror?

My point is: if some old installations are still stuck on CVS, can we
make it so they don't have to make _two_ VCS transitions to get to git?
In other words, can we make the lowest-numbered branch available via Git
be the same as the highest-numbered branch available via CVS?

I can't work out what the highest-numbered branch available via CVS is;
trunk has the version number 4.5.1+, which I assume is because there's
some sort of mirroring going on.

> We would still need migration instructions, which I believe we can do
> using the old cvs-to-bzr instructions[3] as a base.

Yes; I am very much in favour of the "change one thing at once" style of
migration where the user moves VCS systems without making any other
change, and only then performs some sort of upgrade.

> As for location of the repository, we could have Mozilla host the
> official git repository and set up two-way mirroring to GitHub.



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