Moving Bugzilla to git?

Mark Côté mcote at
Tue Oct 22 00:57:28 UTC 2013

David Marshall <dmarshal at> wrote:
>On Oct 21, 2013, at 4:39 PM, Colin Ogilvie
><bugzilla at>
> wrote:
>> On 21 October 2013 17:19, Mark Côté <mcote at> wrote:
>> How does this sound to everyone? Any strong objections? I and the
>> of the BMO team are willing to do most of the work.
>> Git seems far more supported and easier to use than bzr, and being on
>github may, as you say, encourage contributors.
>I recall that Max once gave me a lot of reasons why bzr was preferred
>to git. That was a long time ago, so some of his objections may have
>been mitigated.

That was before my time, so I am unfamiliar with his reasons. I will, however, admit my reasons are more pragmatic than technical, though I do really like git's design, now that I've mostly wrapped my head around it.

>I wouldn't have thought that Mozilla had a presence, but it
>does, so I recommend hosting directly on It would be
>probably be easier to manage pull requests there.

Indeed we do. I believe the larger projects are mirrored from our own git repo (so that is a solved problem for Bugzilla), but many are located primarily or solely on github.

>FWIW, I think it is possible to configure to import from
>git directly, so folks would probably be able to pull bazaar updates
>from there.

That is very interesting. I'll check into that.


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