Pseudonymity in Bugzilla

Tiago Mello timello at
Mon Nov 18 16:22:47 UTC 2013

Hey Gerv,

On Mon, Nov 18, 2013 at 2:08 PM, Gervase Markham <gerv at> wrote:

> Hi timello,
> On 16/11/13 02:17, Tiago Mello wrote:
> > I have implemented something like that as an extension... Not sure if it
> > address all your needs... But it worths a quick look.
> >
> >
> Wow, that looks like a lot of work... Did you try fixing the problem
> further "upstream", but getting $user->email to return the obfuscated
> value?

I didn't. It has been a while since I started working on that extension but
maybe the reason was that I needed that feature asap and it was faster at
that time to write it as an extension.

> Given that we have the "emailsuffix" capability, and the "only show
> email when logged in" capability, surely those two things can be abused
> to do what you were trying without having to write a specific hack for
> every template which uses email addresses?

To be honest. I don't recall why I implemented it that way... it must have
a reason... :) Maybe, today, we can implement it better and I totally agree
that this feature should be brought upstream.

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